Love Yourself Girl, Or Nobody Else Will

HI :)!

Here goes my first post in God knows how long. I hope I don’t disappoint, but my first post in too long won’t be about my diet or exercise but rather something that has been on my mind for years and has recently been sparked. Becoming “instafamous” has introduced a lot of really amazing opportunities and new people into my life, but with all of that exposure of course comes negativity. 

Most of you don’t know that I grew up with an awful self body image. I have hated my body for as long as I can remember and I’m still to this day learning to accept every little flaw. I was skinny my whole life. No matter what I did or what I ate, I didn’t gain a pound. I hated it, more than you could ever possibly imagine. I was the ‘anorexic’ girl. Hearing that word still makes me cringe to this day. Not because I was mocked, but because it is thrown around so lightly and so often that people have stopped looking at it like a real serious fucking disease. I didn’t ask to be skinny, this is the body I was given. The body I was meant to have. 

I, myself, along with everyone reading this has been guilty of doing the same. Knocking others down based solely on their appearance. Growing up, I tortured my sister. I called her every name in the book referring to her weight. I tried to make her feel bad about being bigger because I couldn’t be. SICK isn’t it?? I live with the guilt everyday because I know shit like that, IT STICKS. I’ll never forgive myself for what I’ve done in the past, to her and others, but I know now that I’m a hell of a lot of a better person because of it. 

Since moving to Maui in 2010 I’ve learned more about myself than I ever thought possible and I’ve grown into someone I can genuinely say I love. Is that weird to hear? That I love myself? Because I know most people don’t. I try, from the bottom of my heart, every waking moment to spread nothing but good vibes + genuine love to everyone I choose to surround myself with. I might not always succeed but THAT is why I love myself, because I really try.

I’m not going to tell you to write yourself a list of all the things you love about yourself, although sometimes that can help. But I am going to ask that the things you do like about yourself, embrace the shit out of them. There are over SEVEN BILLION people on this earth, none of which have exactly what you do. Isn’t that something to celebrate every goddamn day? No one else on this earth could be like you, no matter how hard they tried. That in itself, is a reason to embrace yourself. 

I’m preaching self-love because I think in order to stop judgment and empty hatred, you need to truly love yourself. Once you see the beauty in yourself (the hardest task), you see the beauty in others. You see their struggles and their differences and their similarities. You see that they’re just trying to make it through, just like you are. 

No one needs to be beaten down anymore. Isn’t everyone fucking exhausted of all of it? I know I am. It’s hard to change others, so start with yourself. Start being the person you truly want to be. Others around you feel will your newfound energy but most importantly, they’ll see it. When you’re genuinely happy you glow. THAT is what will change others. Start with yourself and the rest is a domino effect.

People ask me all the time what I do for my skin. I honestly do nothing. I am just fucking happy. 


Xx Gio


One thought on “Love Yourself Girl, Or Nobody Else Will

  1. Does this mean that you will unblock me off of Instagram now…. Because I really messed up and you judged the wrong me. I’m better now. And you’re still my biggest inspiration. I’m sorry….

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