Hi lovelies!

Well here goes my first post. I never actually thought I would have the balls [excuse my language — you’ll learn I have a slight potty mouth soon enough] to start a blog of my own because well, I didn’t think people actually gave a shit about what I said. Annnnd they still might not but fuck um! Even if no one likes it or follows along, at least I’ll have these posts for my own personal use right? This blog will be all about an overall healthy lifestyle. I’m a super simple girl that hasn’t always been healthy, so I know how hard and lost you can feel at times. I will post simple + delicious recipes of all sorts, different exercises & a peek into my healthy, positive life to hopefully motivate you! So I too, encourage you to start a blog of whatever it is you’re passionate about! You never know where you’ll end up.




9 thoughts on “NewBeginnings

  1. Very excited to read everything your write. I have you on Insta and your just so gorgeous. All of your pics motivate me to workout and live a healthier life. Thanks :p

  2. oh my goodness! don’t mean to sound weird but I am close to being obsessed with you and your life style! it is SO glamorous, I’m only 15 but I love love love your recipes, i started my journey a little over a year ago you really inspire me to keep going. I eat the best out of all my teenage friends and I workout everyday so is say that’s the best I can do, if only I lived in Maui 😉

    • You GO girl! You’re at the absolute perfect age to start! Try to get your friends on board so you can all do it together, the more support the better! I’m so happy to hear that I inspire you, it really means so so much. Keep up the hard work! Always fight for what you want. Much love! Xx

  3. So beyond excited you decided to do this. Ive followed you on Insta for so long 🙂 If you are EVER in L.A I would love to feature you on my youtube channel. You go girl!!

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